IDStone at the Global Stone Congress 2010


Together with CTAP, Centro Tecnológico Andaluz de la Piedra, IDStone was present at the Global Stone Congress 2010 in Alicante, between March 2nd and 5th, where many experts from Europe, America, Asia and Africa will discuss the major technology needs of the natural stone sector.


The Global Stone Congress 2010 was a forum for discussion and dissemination of scientific and technological advances in the field of the natural stone industry. Unlike other conferences, this one is proposed to integrate the various branches of knowledge involved in the production chain and use of natural stone, promoting the sector's technological takeoff this way.

IDStone, a global system for the automatic identification, traceability and stock control for the natural stone industry, was presented at the Global Stone Congress 2010 as a well consolidated technological tool in the sector.

During the presentation, the attendees will see firsthand the advantages and benefits that IDStone provides to the natural stone companies:

Global Stone Congress 2010