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  • Software marble and granite
  • Pictures slab by slab
  • Slabs Classification
  • Slabs warehouse with images
  • Labels for traceability
  • Computer vision for the natural stone

Software marble and granite

IDStone SGA facilitates the management of production plants, warehouses and quarries. Monitors, organizes and manages all processes, providing the necessary traceability

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Pictures slab by slab

IDStone Capture: exclusive imaging technology that takes a picture, slab by slab, and integrates each image with its corresponding record of the stock

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Slabs Classification

IDStone Quality: slab classification and measurement from pictures taken by IDStone Capture

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Slabs warehouse with images

IDStone B2B facilitates the sales and customer relations. Private access to the stock through the Internet, with real images of each slab and its features

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Labels for traceability

From bar code labels made with special and high performance materials up to radiofrequency tags (etiquetas RFID) for labeling blocks, slabs, tiles, etc

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Computer vision for the natural stone

Computer vision is available in IDStone to meet the needs of the marble, granite and other natural stone industry

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Monday, 15 Jul 2024

IDStone Analytics: data analysis for the natural stone industry

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Many of the companies in the natural stone industry are still using today different tools such as Microsoft Excel® for data mining and multidimensional analysis. Tens or hundreds of spreadsheets that need to be constantly and manually updated to get a minimum viewing of the daily operations in the company. Beyond the usual reports, now the companies have an advanced and powerful tool aimed at business, which provides an extraordinary level of information: IDStone Analytics.

IDStone Analytics was developed to overcome the limitations posed by other data analysis platforms, dramatically improving the way that information reaches to the end users. With its powerful data  architecture,  IDStone Analytics is able to structure the information efficiently and to provide, in an intuitive way, a good user experience. IDStone Analytics has numerous design customization options available to the user.

Regardless of perspective, IDStone Analytics handles the data to answer your questions, allowing you to focus on your business rules rather than creating dozens and dozens of reports.

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